• [KOR/ENG] 피노키오 / Pinocchio

    Pinocchio – 2011
    Paroles JUNIEL
    Compositeur JUNIEL

    Ije sseoya naneun nuneul tteonneunde
    Ije gyeoul sum swil su inneunde
    Bara naneun i bogo sipheunde
    Mwo nallyeogo dallyeogo sipheunde
    Wae nareul gaduryeogo haneunji

    Nan geojitmaljaengi phinokhio
    Naedugo watteon haneulgwa thaeyanggwa barami inneun sesangeul jayurobge bogo sipheul ppuniya
    Nae georeumjeoreum gireojyeotjiman...

    Ije sseoya neukkil su inneunde
    Ije neomu chaenggil su inneunde
    Nahanthedo gamjeoki inneunde
    Namdeulcheoreom umjikil su inneunde
    Wae naneun namu inhyeonginji ?
    Wae naneun sarami anin geonji ?

    Nan geojitmaljaengi phinokhio
    Je mare watteon injeonggwa gamjeonggwa sarangi inneun sesangeul saranghago sipheoseul ppuniya
    Sarami dwaesseo...

    Gyeoure bichineun neukkimman aneungeol gajin geoni
    Nareul selpheunna bara bwa
    Jimsimeul jeonhan saramdeulgwa sangcheoreul bada
    Nana geojitmaljaengiga dwen geoya

    Naneun kkumeuk kkuneun namu inhyeong
    Phinokhio !
    Geojisi-eobneun chakhada
    Ireonan sesanggwa saranghago sipheosseul ppuniya
    Geojisi-eobneun sesangeseo...
    I must stand now I have awaked but
    This winter I can take a breath but
    I’d like to see but
    I want to blow something and run but
    Why it just confined me (to do something)

    I am the liar Pinocchio
    Just want to see the world which have moving sky and sun and wind freely
    Althought my footsteps became more long but...

    I must stand now I can feel it but
    Now I really can take it but
    There’s a feeling for me but
    I can move like peoples do but
    Why I am a wooden-statue ?
    Why I am not a man ?

    I am the liar Pinocchio
    Just want to love the world where there is acknowledges and feelings and love which out from my words
    I’ve became to be a man...

    It just has what know about a feeling which shining in the winter
    Look at me like in sadness
    I get hurt by peoples that convey the sincerity
    It made me to be a liar

    I am the wooden-statue dreamer
    Pinocchio !
    A kind-hearted without lies
    Just want to love with the happened world
    In the world without lies...

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